About our Law Offices

Shmilovich Gruengard Forshtat is a multi-disciplinary law office, providing a wide range of legal services to its clients - businesses, corporations, high-tech and start-up companies, NGOs and non-profit organizations, social businesses and persons.

We have expertieze in a variety of legal fields, such as real estate law, commercial law, high-tech and technology law, labor law, non-profit law, and more.

We also provide notary and legal translation services in the languages English, French and Hebrew.

As lawyers, we believe that taking a stand and taking action to promote social justice is the key to creating a deep, values-based work environment with a vision that serves our clients in each an every aspect along the way.

The accumulated experience, education and creative out-of-the-box thinking, make our legal work thorough and professional. Our daily work is based on cooperation with our clients and among them.

We believe in finding practical and efficient solutions for our clients, while bringing into our work our personal qualities, our values and our beliefs. All of these can be found in our daily work and in our relationships with our clients.

Our offices are known for our unique cooperations with factors in the commercial and public sectors, and for our involvement in dinamic and innovative projects in the fields of non-profit organizations, start-up companies and social businesses.

You are welcome to read more about our office (in English) and read more (in Hebrew) about our fields of expertiese and our taking action in various social, economic and welfare issues.